Horse Sponsorship

To Sponsor a Horse – Donate Now!

Horse Sponsorship and our Wish List are two great ways to partner with us in helping people grow through Christ-centered learning with horses.

Sponsorship, depending on the level of partnership, can include everything from helping pay for basic vet, feed, and hoof care expenses for our horses, to more comprehensive care including pasture maintenance and program supplies like items of tack (saddles, bridles, etc.).

  • Quarterly Horse Care Per Horse (hoof care, vet care, feed)–$375
  • Quarterly Comprehensive Care Per Horse (horse care + program & pasture expenses)–$875
  • Yearly Horse Care Per Horse–$1500
  • Yearly Comprehensive Care Per Horse–$3500
  • The value of riding lessons for Wears Valley Ranch students–$40 each

Our Wish List allows you to partner with us by sponsoring specific items that don’t cost as much as sponsoring a horse.

  • Horse Care
    • Item—cost for one—total needed
    • Hoof trimming–$35—14
    • Front shoes–$85–31
    • Vaccines–$105—6
    • Emergency vet expenses–$800—1
    • Dewormer–$11—13
    • Dental care–$125—6
    • Hay–$2—400
    • Grazing muzzles–$50—5
    • Loose salt and minerals–$22—4
    • Prescription costs–$45—12
    • Fly spray–$75—2
    • Hoof conditioner–$20—6
    • Average yearly cost for one horse–$1500–6
  • Program Supplies
    • Item—cost for one—total needed
    • Helmet–$50—4
    • Miscellaneous tack and repairs–$100–2
    • CHA program membership–$200–1
  • Barn and Pasture Maintenance
    • Item—cost for one—total needed
    • Pasture fencing materials–$50–20
    • Equipment and maintenance–$50–40
    • Termite bond–$100–1
    • Fire extinguisher service–$100–1
    • Stall bedding–$6–75
  • Special Projects
    • Item—cost for one—total needed
    • Arena fence materials–$7.50–60

Since its inception, Wears Valley Ranch has never accepted government support. Instead, as a 501(c)3 non-profit, we gratefully and prayerfully depend on the generous support of individual and corporate donors.

To financially support the Equestrian Program through Horse Sponsorship or our Wish List, you can do so in several ways:

  • Please Contact Us or go to our Donate page.  
  • To make a gift to the Equestrian Program, it must be designated “Equestrian Program.”  Donate Now!
  • Visit our website,, and use your credit or debit card to make a secure donation by choosing either a one-time donation or a recurring donation of any amount. Type “Equestrian Program” in the Designation box.
  • You can also call us at 865-429-5437 or toll-free at 866-412-2433 and we will be happy to process your donation over the phone.
  • Your check can be mailed to: Wears Valley Ranch, 100 One Fine Place, Sevierville, TN 37862-2505. Write “Equestrian Program” on the memo line. Please remember that your gift must be postmarked by December 31 to be counted for this tax year.
  • Gifts of stock and monthly automated giving by ACH are gratefully accepted. For more information, contact Lindsay Townsend at or 865-429-5437.
  • For additional or specific needs related to the Equestrian Program, please Contact Us.

For additional or specific needs, please Contact Us.

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